The Lakes of Bailey Ranch Owasso, OK
The Lakes of Bailey RanchOwasso, OK

Springtime Reminders

As spring and longer days are upon us, here are some tips and reminders:


  • Please be mindful of children out playing in the neighborhood and enjoying the warmer temperatures and time with friends.  This includes paying attention to stop signs and speed limits.
  • Everyone takes such pride in their yards and work to keep them looking nice.  As we continue the great work, here are a couple of lawncare items:
    • Please be sure to bag or mulch clippings.  Blowing them into the storm drain is against city ordinances and leads to unnecessary expenses for the HOA. 
    • Lawncare brings open garages and unlocked gates and these can invite crime.  Be sure to keep your garages and gates closed and equipment put away.  As a neighborhood, we have been lucky when it comes to crime.  Let's all help keep it that way by watching out for each other and ourselves.
  • A reminder that above ground pools are against the covenants and could lead to fines.  Above ground pools have been defined by the board as anything that is designed to have a pump attached.
  • The neighborhood ponds are for the use and enjoyment of the neighborhood residents.  Friends of residents are also welcome to fish in the ponds but MUST be accompanied by the resident.  Please take care around the ponds and do not throw anything into the ponds such as rocks, trash, or branches.
  • Finally, as we look to get the boats out of storage and onto the lake, please remember that driveways are not intended for long term parking of boats and also to try and avoid blocking sidewalks with trailer hitches.






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